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Oracle’s Siebel CRM Technology provides the server framework to support Siebel Applications. It delivers comprehensive on-premise and on-demand Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions. Siebel CRM is specifically popular among banks and banking systems, since it has a lot of ready-made configurations that are convenient to use, i.e. Siebel CallCenter, Siebel Finance, Siebel Loyalty Management, etc. In this article, we share our thoughts on why you have to load test Siebel CRM and our life hacks on how to do it.

How to load test Siebel CRM preview

There are few companies in the IT systems quality assurance market that have expertise in SAP testing, but Performance Lab is one of the few that do. Over the years, our specialists accumulated experience in retail that came in handy when helping X5 Retail, a major food retail company worth $16 billion, to support their internal IT systems. We started with SAP platform deployment, established testing processes in the retail giant’s systems, and maintained contact for more than 10 years.

SAP load testing for a X5 Retail case study

A bare-metal server versus a cloud server: not a dilemma anymore. We have a great case on AWS cloud migration here!

Synthetic Testing in Aws Challenges and Solutions

The client is the biggest bank in Europe, with 98 million individual clients, 2.7 million corporate clients, and 278,000 employees. Although they had been using Blue Prism RPA for a while, they decided to perform the first ever load/performance testing of their software, so it was all new to them. Performance Lab played the guiding part, making the client aware of all the details of load testing and running the service. After the project, the client’s business indicators increased notably, so they returned to us with another service request.

Performance Testing of Blue Prism Intelligent RPA for Banking

It is often impossible to provide high-quality performance testing for a complex system without automation. Today, we would like to share our experience of carrying out such a task for the largest government-owned bank, which has a chain of over 190 thousand ATMs. For our client, performance automation helped organize all systems in a strong and effective network.

How we automated performance testing for an ATM control system preview

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